Creating Change in our Communities

SCKEDD is non-profit organization that brings together communities to advocate economic growth. We work to improve the quality of life for those who live within our designated 14-county area. We take action by providing grant and loan opportunities to programs that help us reach these goals.

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We take action by providing several grant and loan opportunities to programs that help us reach these goals.


Our loans cover multiple needs for multiple organizations – whether you’re looking for a Small Business Loan (SBA) or a Rural Business Development Loan, we offer several options that could help boost your local economy.

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SCKEDD offers grants for homeowners and communities. Grants for homeowners provide services for home weatherization, repair or rehabilitation. Community grants are available for Community Improvement, such as housing rehabilitation, community facilities, water and sewer; Rural Development, such as water and waste and development of public community facilities; and Public Works to provide infrastructure needed by a benefiting company resulting in expansion/creation of jobs.

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  • Creating and maintaining employment
  • Making infrastructure improvements
  • Increasing the quality of housing
  • Advancing tourism

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Our Mission: To provide professional leadership and technical assistance in finance packaging, advice and procedures to individuals, companies and government agencies for the purpose of stimulating the economy within our 14-county area.